Urgent help with Nokia 208 Dual SIM

Hi all,
I have a new Nokia 208 Dual SIM type RM-949 (English & Chinees).
I wish to install Hebrew on it but I can't find an appropriate firmware.
Does anyone knows if there's such version around the net?
Can I install the RM-948 instead? Will it support the Dual SIM function?
Is there an RM-956 version with Hebrew and if yes, can it be installed on this model (RM-949)???
Please help.............. I'm stuck........

Shiye wrote:
I've checked today with our local Nokia care center and it seems like there's no such firmware that support this model that includes Hebrew language.
Only for single SIM you my find such version.
Now what?
Am I stuck with this phone?   
The Dual-SIM version was specifically made for specific regions mainly for developing markets (esp in Asia-Pacific). Hence, language packs available are limited or made available only to those countries.