Loops not in browser

Trying to load loops into loop browser, garageband says " loops not in garageband format will not be displayed in browser' - this has not happened before.
aiff files were shown, how to get browser to show aiff loops?

this is all a bit much for me; GB on my laptop (G4 PB ) accepts these loops, and GB on my PB is currently running as should. The problem occured when I copied the song over to my mates G5, so I could ( supposedly ) enjoy the benefits of G5 power and speed. All that happened was a series of errors as the copied song ( which still opens ok on the PB ) such as not finding files etc; From here things got worse as I tried to reload loops and at first it all worked, then loops not recognised, and then finally, loops will not show in browser.
I have a copy of the song bsck on my PB and it loads runs and sees loops just fine; plus, all the loops load into GB and are seen.
End state is that I have a prope running GB with all loops on my PB, but my mate now has a non working GB on his G5