Image Capture can no longer download from iPhone

For some time - I think since Yosemite upgrade, I can no longer download photos from my iPhone 5. (I do not use iCloud, and there are some other issues with iPhoto so I haven't tried.  iTunes can still perform backup.)
Back when, I was using Google Picasa as main tool to download from iOS to MacOS.  For some time, maybe since a certain iOS (8?) update, Picasa would simply begin a download, and spill out an error upon the simplest job - like a single picture.  As such, I went back to Apple's Image Capture and found it still worked.  Until recently, that is.  Now, Image Capture simply starts an "Import", shows a progress bar, but makes no progress whatsoever.  When I retried Picasa, Picasa does the same, i.e., the error message is no more, replaced by a no-progress progress bar.
I usually only perform import when iPhone is filling up.  So this is a devastating problem.  Please help.

Hello sillyvalley,
Sorry to hear that you are having issues with importing photos to your Mac. Now I am not sure what the communication problem is with Picasa, I can say that there are other alternatives to import your photos in, like using iPhoto or Image Capture. Take a look at the article below for more information. 
Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows PC
-Norm G.