How do I share edited photos with other apple devices.

Photo Stream does a great job of sharing photos between your mac, your ipad, and your iphone UNTILL you want to edit them. How do I edit a photo and then be able to see the edited version on all my devices?  If I edit on my Macbook, the changes are made in the iphoto library.  If I edit on my phone the changes are in the camera roll.  But the Photo Stream image remains unchanged yet it is the only version that can be seen by all devices.  Very frustrating when you edited a bunch of photos for better viewing, but can only see those changes on the device you made the edits on.  Also, trying to remembering which photos you edited on which device is impossible.  Any ideas on how to keep ONE editable photo database accessible from all your devices?

If you edit a photo in iPhoto on your Mac and then use the Share button at the bottom and select iCloud ➙ MyPhotoStream
the edited version will be added to the MyPhotoStream on all devices.  It has to be manually added. It's not automatic.
If that edit is removed in iPhoto, i.e. Revert to Original, the edited version in My Photo Stream remains.