Difficulty downloding Adobe Reader and Error 1327. Invalid Drive H:\

I am having a difficulty downloading Adobe reader on my laptop. For some reasons, I am getting error 1327. Invalid Drive H:\ notification. I have followed the tips on how to resolve this issue from Adobe's help and FAQ pages, but I am still not able to download Adobe reader. This issue begun short while after I installed a Tuneup software from AVG. I contacted this Tuneup company, and one of it's representative guided me through the steps on how to resolve the problem; unfortunately, the correction attempt did not make any difference. Adobe tech support team can fix my issue, but at a cost of $ 40. I do not want to pay it. Hence, I am trying to solve this problem myself. Could any one, who has the knowledge to deal with this issue, please respond to my request?
Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Peter VK Mayangi

Have you tried both solutions on the link from the earlier poster?  Microsoft Fixit did not fixit?
If so, you will have to search the registry manually for your invalid drive H:\
Please post back if you are unsure what to do when you find that registry entry.
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